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From clinical potential to meaningful therapies—Ovid Therapeutics is developing lifechanging therapies based on our deep understanding of key biological pathways and their central role in rare neurological diseases. We seek to develop medicines using novel and clinically relevant endpoints, to capture the real-world ways patients benefit from addressing underlying disorder pathology.

At Ovid, we are using emerging science to unlock the potential of small molecule compounds and genetic approaches to make medicines that will meaningfully improve the lives of people with rare neurological conditions.

Epilepsy Programs

Genetic Programs

Dravet syndrome (DS)
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS)

Primarily genetic mutation: 80% have mutation in Scn1a gene

Age of onset:
Birth to 1 year old

• 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 21,000

• Seizures: prolonged focial progressing to
convulsive tonic-clonic
• Developmental delays

FDA-approved Therapies:
• Anticonvulsants (stripentol)
• Epidiolex® (cannabidiol)

Multiple: includes genetic mutations, fetal/infant injury before/after birth

Age of onset:
2 to 5 years old

• 1 in 11,000
• More common in males

• Multiple types of seizures, including drop
• Intellectual disabilities (with psychiatric comorbidities)

FDA-approved Therapies:

Calling all bold researchers!

At Ovid, we know it takes a committed team to get breakthrough treatments into the hands of those who truly need them. Collaboration is critical in bringing impactful medicines to those who need it most. We seek like-minded potential partners driven to produce clinically impactful work for rare disease individuals and families. If you are a researcher, represent an academic medical center interested in collaborating or are interested in submitting an investigator-initiated trial (ITT), please contact us at