our commitment

At Ovid, the epilepsy community is our community  

Relentless in our mission to positively impact those affected by epilepsies and brain conditions, we seek to include these individuals and their families in every aspect of what we do. That’s because at Ovid, we believe that having a deep and true understanding of what it’s like to live with seizures and related symptoms is key to addressing significant unmet needs.  

Patients and their families are our inspiration 

Each relationship we foster brings us closer to making meaningful medicines readily available to those who may benefit. On our office walls, in our conference rooms, and on our desks, you will see the photos and stories of families and individuals impacted by epilepsy and brain conditions. These pictures and tributes remind us every day of why we do what we do at Ovid. Our commitment is to the epilepsy and cerebral cavernous malformation communities.

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we are listening

Can I develop the best possible medicine with deep recognition of what it means to the patient?

Jeremy Levin, CEO and Founder

we are motivated

We got you, we are working on it, it might not happen tomorrow, but we are working on it every day.

Patrick Sarmiere, Vice President, Preclinical Research

we are inspired

The stories we have posted throughout our offices remind me why we are here and what we are working toward. There is no better motivation than knowing those you are seeking to help.