As of January 6, 2019

Thank you for your interest in Ovid Therapeutics

Ovid Therapeutics recognizes the importance of social media, and we are excited to have you here to share your comments and experiences. We use social media as part of our commitment to communicate information to patients, healthcare professionals, advocacy organizations and other stakeholders. However, in embracing these channels, we aim to engage responsibly and within guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other organizations governing pharmaceutical companies. Below, we have outlined our current active channels as well as our terms and guidelines for interacting with us on these channels.

Current social media channels in which Ovid Therapeutics participates:

Other channels may be added. Please check back occasionally to see updates to the channels we support.

These channels were created and are managed by Ovid Therapeutics. The content posted by Ovid Therapeutics is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Additionally, please keep these simple rules in mind when interacting with us:

  • We want to provide a respectful and welcoming community for all; we ask you to do the same.
  • We may occasionally share links to third-party websites; however, we do not endorse nor are we responsible for content on those websites. Additionally, retweeting from Ovid Therapeutics does not imply endorsement.
  • We encourage you to interact with us and others, but Ovid Therapeutics is not responsible for user-generated content.
  • Your doctor is the best resource for medical advice and information. Due to the highly-regulated industry we operate within, we cannot engage in discussions regarding medical advice, promotion or discussion about specific products, treatments or studies.
  • If you’re currently involved with one of our clinical studies, we want to first and foremost thank you. However, please note that our social media channels are not a place for healthcare providers or individuals to discuss ongoing clinical studies, including study design and protocols, enrollment, efficacy, safety, potential adverse events, side effects or related information.
  • Our social channels are not a place to report any medical adverse events or reactions and other product-related information. You can report these by submitting to the FDA directly online at or by calling 1-800-OVID-579 Ext. 1.
  • We will not be able to reply to all tweets, replies or comments. Additionally, we cannot address and may delete comments that:
    • Include profanity, defamatory, libelous, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links)
    • Are disparaging, threatening, condone violence or illegal behavior
    • Offer health or medical advice
    • Are directly related to financial, legal or regulatory information
    • Are commercial or advertising, e.g., sell products and services, or recruit fans and followers
    • Are spam
    • Are excessively repetitive and/or disruptive to the community
    • Are questions directly related to financial, legal, regulatory, confidential information or medical issues
    • Mention a specific product or treatment option
    • Mention a healthcare professional’s name
    • Contain proprietary, confidential, sensitive or non-public information about, or related to, Ovid Therapeutics or any other person or company
    • Contain personal information about you and/or your patients if you are a healthcare provider

Your use of our social media channels indicates your acceptance of these community guidelines and any subsequent versions. Users who violate these terms may be blocked. While we encourage everyone to participate in active discussion and share content, where appropriate, we cannot be responsible for views expressed other than our own. Please read and engage at your own risk. We hear you and we see your comments to our content, but we cannot verify the accuracy of statements made by other users.

We reserve the right to delete any of our social media channels and its contents at any time. While these community guidelines cover the most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything. Hence, Ovid Therapeutics may take actions not outlined in these guidelines, as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in connecting with us on social media — we look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about our BoldMedicine approach to developing therapies to transform the lives of individuals with rare neurological diseases.