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Making BoldMedicine® together 

We are leading efforts to address new challenges in translational medical research—but we can’t do it alone.  

Through robust and meaningful collaboration, we bring our novel platforms directly to those who need it most, with coordinated care by notable experts in the field.  We aspire to make BoldMedicine® together.

For more information or inquiries on collaborations, please contact partnering@ovidrx.com.

corporate collaborations

Ovid currently has several ongoing corporate collaborations:  


In April 2023, Graviton and Ovid entered into a collaboration and license agreement to advance the development of OV888, along with other selective, small-molecule compounds from a library of ROCK2 inhibitors that have shown blood-brain barrier penetrance. Together, the companies intend to develop ROCK2 inhibitors for the treatment of a broad range of neurological conditions marked by seizures, spasms, and related symptoms. Under this agreement, Graviton will be responsible for conducting the development of the products through the end of Phase 2 trials under the oversight of a joint development committee from both companies. Ovid will be responsible for development and commercialization costs, as well as post-Phase 2 development, and commercialization of the products.  

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On December 30, 2021, we entered into an exclusive license agreement with AstraZeneca. Under the terms of the AstraZeneca license agreement, we have obtained worldwide rights to a portfolio of early-stage, small molecule compounds targeting the KCC2 transporter, including our lead compound, OV350 for all human therapeutic uses. Ovid is responsible for using commercially reasonable efforts to carry out all future development and commercialization of KCC2 transporter activators.  

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In January 2017, Takeda and Ovid entered into a License and Collaboration agreement (the “Original Agreement”) for the development and commercialization collaboration of soticlestat. Soticlestat is believed to be a highly selective first-in-class CH24H inhibitor with the potential to reduce seizure susceptibility and improve seizure control in rare developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE).  

In March 2, 2021, Ovid entered into a Royalty, License and Termination Agreement (the “New Agreement”) with Takeda relating to the Original Agreement. 

Under the Original Agreement, Ovid acquired a 50% share in soticlestat through an exclusive license and co-development and co-commercialization collaboration with Takeda. Under the terms of the New Agreement, the Original Agreement terminated by mutual agreement, and Takeda secured rights to Ovid’s 50% global share in soticlestat, in exchange for an upfront payment, development and commercial milestone payments, and royalties. Takeda also assumed all responsibility for, and the costs of, both development and commercialization of soticlestat. 

At closing, Ovid received an upfront payment of $196.0 million and is eligible to receive up to an additional $660.0 million in development, regulatory and sales milestones. In addition, if soticlestat achieves regulatory approval, we will receive tiered royalties on net sales of soticlestat at percentages ranging from the low double-digits up to 20 percent, subject to standard reductions in certain circumstances.

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